What are the benefits of becoming a Detox Box subscriber?

  • We taste the best, and stand by it.
  • Our smoothies contain 8-12 ingredients in each cup, which include rare, nutritionally dense superfoods.
  • We offer FREE healthy eating & living resources, guides, e-books, and health-related educational material.
  • We save you TIME. No doing tons of research on the best, cleanest products out there. No guessing on “Where do I start?” And best of all: No shopping, no chopping, no messy clean up!
  • When purchasing from us, we give you true nutrition to help you feel better and completely boost your overall wellness.
  • Our subscription model keeps you on track throughout the year!
  • Feel good knowing that all of our food “waste” is not wasted at all. We donate our fruit and veggie “waste” to hungry animals and local farmers.
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