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We believe that, in a world where most foods are void of nutrients and filled with toxic ingredients that aid in weight gain, premature aging, a suppressed immune system, lack of energy, and overall poor quality of life, we need to get back to the foods that fuel our bodies and make us feel like our true and best selves

Everything we make is built on organic whole-foods, fruits, and vegetables. When you eat beter, you feel beter. We are frozen, on purpose. Not only does frozen allow you to enjoy at your convenience, but it’s also the best way to lock in vital nutrients & flavor.

What started out in 2015 as a farmer’s market “pop-up-camper- turned-food-truck” in Saratoga Springs, New York has now evolved into a health and wellness food-prep service delivered right to your doorstep. Since we began, we’ve been able to help thousands of mothers, busy professionals, gym-goers, athletes, and people looking to jump-start their journey to proper nutrition. We look forward to helping you along that same journey, too!

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