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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "My girlfriend and I are gym rats, and love protein shakes but we felt like we were missing the fruits and veggies. I've always struggled with feeling hungry all day and when it comes to making my own smoothies, I end up destroying the kitchen and making something that tastes OK at best. Since ordering, we've fallen in love with this service. Each one of these smoothies is a home run, and takes moments to whip up."

    Matt R.
    Matt R. Highly Recommend
  • "Great customer service and even better quality smoothies. We babysit our son's toddler a few times a week, and every time she's dropped off this is the first thing she asks for! My wife and I (and Noelle!) are very happy with Detox Box Delivered."

    Rosario P.
    Rosario P. Excellent
  • "I love that this company offers guides and free information along with the subscription of a Detox Box. I’ve learned a lot, and I feel better than ever!"

    Sherly C.
    Sherly C. Excellent
  • "Wow! This couldn’t be easier, and it works in so many ways! I did this for health reasons, not weight loss- but I'm looking and feeling tighter around the ol' love handles. I typically don’t like eating vegetables, (more of a beer and bread guy) but I’m now a believer in the power of green smoothies. They are all so enjoyable! I start my day with these, and that one good decision keeps me on track all day. On top of losing weight, I have the energy to go all day, and I even sleep better!"

    Mike S.
    Mike S. Life changing!
  • "I always receive 100% from Detox Box. You can feel the love in every smoothie! They've remained consistently excellent from their food truck in Saratoga, to online. Outstanding customer service when I had to switch my order last minute, Laura was so responsive, nice and handled my issue personally."

    Sarah H.
    Sarah H. I always receive 100%….
  • "This was my first experience with a food prep service, and I can’t begin to explain how this has changed me and my family's life! I’m a single & working mom and meal prepping for me and my children takes an eternity. I feel and look the best I have in forever! My kids suck these down on the bus and LOVE THEM (even the green ones!). I feel great knowing I'm giving them something other than breakfast bars and school breakfast. I signed up for a monthly box, and was blown away, then switched it up to a weekly!"

    Brooke L.
    Brooke L. This was my first experience with….
  • "I love the delivery system, and the concept is genius. It takes seconds to go from 0 to meal. Not to mention these things taste delicious! I have to hide these from my wife! We could live on them."

    Dave G.
    Dave G. The perfect answer for a busy guy
  • "I love all of these smoothies. I hit the gym early in the morning, then I head home for a quick breakfast and shower before work and am usually running around to get it all done. Since ordering, this has become my favorite post-workout breakfast. Totally stress-free & so easy. I literally have crazy energy all morning. The subscription keeps me on track. Highly recommend."

    Craig W.
    Craig W. These guys are great!

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