8 BEST Detox Must-Haves for a Healthier YOU

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It’s my FAVORITE time of year!

Fires, beaches, lake fun, camping, s’mores (guilty pleasure!), fresh fruits and veggies from our garden, outdoor farmers’ markets, and adventures galore!

It’s summerrrrrrr!

All winter I am indulging in comfort foods and cozying up on the couch. During the colder months, I love to occasionally do a 3 or 6-Day RESET to help myself stay on track, but I find that with all of the holiday cookies and the chilly weather, it is hard to stay at the top of my game.

Now that summer is here, it’s time to get that GLOW, feel good in that bathing suit, and enjoy every second of this beautiful life you have!

After years of trying out different products and researching high and low for the best detox products for summertime, I have the ULTIMATE list for you.



YOUR IN-HOME DETOX SESSION: With over 11,000 amazing reviews, this steamer will not disappoint.

Relax and unwind while detoxifying your skin of impurities and dead skin cells with your Nano Ionic Face Steamer, your personal at-home steamer system. Detoxify and cleanse your face like the professionals, no matter your skin type with our facial steamer, designed to clear pores and stimulate circulation (hello, glow!). Therapeutic steam made of nano-sized water molecules instantly goes to work hydrating and softening the skin’s surface, detoxifying your pores of impurities and dead skin cells. This is a must-have if you want to keep that skin looking young & fresh. Plus, it’s super fun, too!

View Nano Ionic Face Steamer, here!


2. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes

Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral in the body. When compared to an Epsom salt bath, there is NO comparison! Magnesium chloride is not only purer, but it is better for the body.

According to Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D, an American neurosurgeon and a pioneer in pain medicine, “Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and it’s the missing cure to many diseases.”

Need I say more? Get some today!

View Ancient Minerals Magneisum Bath Flakes, here!


3. Chlorophyll Liquid Drops for reducing appetite, boosting immunity, and increased energy

From containing powerful antioxidants, promoting red and white blood cells, improving liver function, skin health, decreasing bad breath and body odor, and aiding in weight loss, chlorophyll drops are a no-brainer.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have over 10,000 amazing reviews…

View Chlorophyll liquid drops, here! 

4. Natural Self-Tanner made without toxic chemicals & DNA-damaging DHA

If you are looking for a self-tanner that is better for you but also incredibly hydrating for this skin, you are definitely going to want to try this lotion. Aloe and shea butter moisturize and nourish the skin for consistency hydrated skin. The tanner is going to give you a subtle sun-kissed glow that looks natural, flawless, and will not leave you looking orange and streaky. With certified organic botanicals, vitamin C, vitamin E, raspberry, licorice, lychee, and more, your skin is really going to look its best!

View Natural Self-Tanner, here! 

5. Portable Slimming Sauna for weight loss, detox, and home relaxation

Kick back and relax in your very own, inexpensive, portable sauna! It’s no secret that saunas offer a variety of health benefits, but it’s not always easy to access them. Benefits of using a sauna include:

  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Circulation
  • Skin Purification

View Slimming Portable Sauna, here!


6. 100% Calcium Bentonite Clay for glowing skin

Now that you have your at-home facial and body detoxification going on, time to put a healing, topical remedy to use! This 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is great for facials, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, hair masks, chilled clay knee packs, insect bites & more. I have done an entire blog post on natural face masks and have included this amazing product in it. 

View Calcium Bentonite Clay for glowing skin, here!


7. 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

We all know that good skin needs good water. This bottle holds a gallon of clean, delicious water that is ready to give your skin all of the hydration it needs! This water bottle comes with two replaceable lids. One lid with a silicone straw is equipped with flip-top opening which allows you to enjoy spill-proof sipping without efforts. Another innovative leak-proof chug lid is designed for fast water flow when you’re feeling the burn. 2 interchangeable 100% leak-proof lids fit your every need.

View 1 Gallon Water Bottle, here!


8. 12 or 24-Box of summer slimdown smoothies and juices!

You can’t have a good summer by feeding yourself nothing but garbage! Detox Box Delivered offers so many different farm-fresh smoothie, juice and meal options to make you feel young, slim, and alive! Try a 3 or 6-Day RESET, or a custom-made box full of your favorites. All subscriptions or one-time purchases come with free delivery to 10 states.

Try Detox Box Delivered for 15% off using code: DETOX15


Did you try any of these? Let us know what you think! Let us know by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram @detoxboxdelivered

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